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God’s Love Is Totally Unconditional

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Human beings should desire most with all their heart for experiencing the love of God and just not think about it. If anyone can experience it, the experience would be of great joy as in it only they can taste the actual love of God and what God wants them to be. It is nothing but a wonderful and deep assurance, an assurance that the hopes “will not disappoint us” (Romans 5:5). With this assurance humans can rejoice in the glory of Almighty God. Through terrible trails of faith, human gets carried away. This is when God’s love gives us power to stand against the odds and come to the right path again.

Now, does all experience the same for God? Is it true that all believers have the same degree of love and faith in Him or it varies from one person to another?Actually, although God loves us all in the same way, ours is not the same. While some of us rely on His principles totally, some believe that He is there, but He wants us to be self-sufficient and thus everything for us. Some find they are deficient in getting His love while others are full of it.

Then how can we say that the Holy Spirit holds all of us equal and loves us the same way? We need to realize that the experience called love of God is not a electric shock or hypnosis that can be tuned for any one as per their requirement. It is gained through knowledge. It may not be the same thing as knowledge but it comes with that. Or in other and simple words, this love in God comes through our perception and how we demonstrate our love for him. Bible says that to love God love his creatures, hence, to understand His love totally and what the Holy Spirit holds for us, try to love all the creatures created by God. With this God will have the glory of the joy that we get by loving others? This is the joy that would equal our feelings and make us understand that his love is same for all.

What Lord thinks us to be, and what plans He has for us can only be understood by His glory. The more we devote ourselves in service of mankind, the more content we would feel and understand the meaning of His words. Meditating His glory and his work would let us reach our utmost goals and let us defy all negative thoughts from us. Christ died just to show his unconditional love for us, to demonstrate the principle of love in human race.

Even if you too want to shower your love to your near ones, gift them with ‘God is love’ decals. The car decals or stickers may maybe only be simple reminder. It would remind you of the unconditional love showered by Him and how His love is shared by all his created creatures equally.