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Love of GOD Can Help You Pass Through Bad Patch of Life

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The Bible preaches us about Love, but this Love is quite different from the word ‘love’ that we use on daily basis. For us, love can be towards things or towards humans. When it is towards things, we mean those feelings that we get after taking pleasure from those things. For human it’s the pleasure that we get from their personality, achievements, and looks. However, what Bible teaches us is not this love. It’s love for God and for the creatures created by Him. It’s much more complex and need our total devotion too.

Old and New Testament both says that to love God, love them whom God has created. It is known that ‘God is Love’, thus to love God love everybody who are there. Our love would be reflected in our actions and motivations. If we really want to love God, we would love them who need His care most. Like this we would fulfilling the responsibility of God and thus would show our respect for God.

There is different way by which God test whether we love Him or not, those who can pass the test would flourish more in Life and those who cannot have to face problems. When someone has faith in god, then they would take everything that comes their way positively, as they know that god’s plan are much bigger than ours. Hence, when we walk on the path shown by God, we can be sure that although it may seem tough at the beginning gradually things would ease out and success would come our way.

The toughest part of life is keeping our faith on God, when the hard times come. Then it becomes impossible for all to keep the torch lighted. However, for those who believe that they have served God and He would be there as a light showing the path in the darkness, would surely be able to cross the hurdles. If we have loved others then during this tough period of our life, we can find there is someone or other who is coming our way to love us and give us strength.

Even if you are going through tough time and is not getting way out of it, then believe in Him. He would show you the right path to get out of this trouble. For making your mind peaceful and content, you may stick ‘God is love’ stickers and decals. They would remind you of the presence of almighty and his power to keep us happy and safe. Even if you find that any of your friends are going through rough patch of their life, just gift those cars decal and sticker so that whenever they ride their car, they are reminded of the super power.