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Love This World to Love Almighty

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According to John 4:8 “Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.’’ Bible shows us how we can attain proximity to God and understand what love is. When we love our fellows and care for everyone we are caring for God. Until and unless we love creatures made by Him, we cannot know what he is actually and what he has left for us on this world. Every human being is nothing but a part of God and by loving them we actually participate in loving God.

Now, suppose we do not tend to care for anyone else in this world apart from ourselves. Now, loving ourselves too is love so can we say that since we are loving ourselves, we are actually loving God? It’s not whom you love, god teaches us to share and when we are not doing so we are going far away from Him. God is just like our parents who want their children to love each other. If you have a piece of cake, they urge that you share it with your brother and sister. When you do not they feel that you are not showing respect and love to them as you are not listening to their teachings.

Similarly, when we do not share and care for others in this world, we are actually not following his preaching. We are defying God and then we expect that God must love us! It’s true that God’s love is unconditional and whatever you do and wherever you go His love is always there for you. However, until and unless you actually know what love is, as you yourself are not practicing it, you cannot feel His love and how he is showing you way every day.

Everything around you may change with time, only thing that remains unchanged is Love; whether its love of your parent, friend or neighbor. Years after you lose your loved ones, you can still feel the warmth of their love around you; their blessings for you remain with you wherever you are. Same is the love of God, when you love others you get His love too. You might not realize his physical presence but his love can be felt in every step that you take in your life.

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